Rapha Cycling Club - Community Ride Leaders

RCC Ride Leaders

Our committed band of community leaders dedicated to binding the Rapha Cycling Club together on the road and helping you get the most from your membership.


Our RCC Ride Leaders are friendly and welcoming leaders in local riding communities, dedicated to creating opportunities for our members to connect. They stand out on the road in their exclusive kit, and on the RCC app thanks to the Ride Leader digital badge. We currently have over 400 Ride Leaders based around our Clubhouses and other key cities.


Though many of our regular rides take place in cities served by a Clubhouse, the Rapha Cycling Club has a strong presence, and an ever-increasing number of Ride Leaders, in more towns and cities than ever.


As well as on Clubhouse notice boards, you can find all of your local Ride Leaders on the app. Just search for your local group and check the member list for members with the Ride Leader's crest.

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Every week, the RCC hosts virtual Tuesday Club rides on Zwift, led by RCC Ride Leaders from around the world. Identifiable by a yellow beacon over their head, they ride at a steady pace set by the workout session.

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When nominating Ride Leaders, we look for riders who are friendly and outgoing, not necessarily the strongest riders but members who uphold the Club’s values. Since our rides cater to wide range of abilities, it’s vital that Ride Leaders are considerate of all those who choose to ride with the RCC. Each leader is required to complete training in group management, route planning and risk avoidance to ensure that all of our rides are safe and well supported.




“I’ve achieved things I didn’t think were possible with the support of my club mates. I have lots of memories of riding with close friends with everything we need strapped to our bikes, not a care in the world.”




“I’m a life-long cyclist, and love to share my experiences on two wheels. I love to study maps and discover new trails to explore by bike, then build routes on Komoot to share with others.”




“It’s been wonderful to share in the triumphs of others when they complete something they’ve been working towards. I have made so many cycling friends through leading, and I love seeing them develop and catch the riding bug.”




“Whether it’s a social ride or a leg-burning race, I enjoy riding with different people. We once decided to ride to Oslo from Copenhagen over three days. It was an amazing ride with so many stories.”





“When I’m on the bike, I aim to enjoy the moment and try everything. Through the RCC I’ve found life-long friendships, meeting people from all over the world. A personal highlight has to be completing the twelve hundred kilometres of the Randonneur.”




“I cycle for my fitness, my mental wellbeing and the feeling of achievement after conquering an epic ride. The countless coffee and beers are also a highlight. Nothing beats the rush as you summit a new mountain or explore somewhere new.”




“I ride to discover new scenery, new roads, and encounter new people, bearing witness to the four seasons as they change into each other. Whenever I ride, I wear my RCC kit so that fellow members can call out to me when they see me go by.”




“For me, the best thing about the RCC is then community. I love the camaraderie that grows between me and the people who come with me on long explorations. My favourite rides are always the ones that hurt.”





“We’re a group of people who encourage each other to push their limits. My first big ride with the RCC was the Gavia tribute ride up Mount Rainier. Today, I wouldn't think twice about doing that ride, but at the time reaching the lodge at the top of Paradise nearly brought me to tears.”




“Through the RCC, you’re able to experience the sport in a very unique way. I ride to feel connected to myself, but with the club, I’m able to share my experiences with other members who love cycling as much as I do.”




“Recreation, transportation, competition, friendship - cycling is so many great things, sometimes all at once. The club is a great way to meet new people, whether by riding in different cities or riding with other club members on Zwift.”



To catch the Ride Leaders in action, sign up any of the RCC group rides. Members can sign up to rides near them through the RCC App, many setting out from your local Clubhouse. They’re also helping you unlock the potential of Zwift with regular online group rides in place of our usual RCC group rides.


How do I find my local Ride Leader?

On the RCC App, you can browse all of your local ride leaders. Just search for your local group and check the member list for members with the Ride Leader's crest. Ride Leaders are also prominently featured on our Clubhouse community boards.

What is the commitment and reward for Ride Leaders?

We ask Ride Leaders to commit to a minimum of one ride per month and we provide training, third party insurance and a preferential discount at rapha.cc.

How can I apply to become a Ride Leader?

We’re currently looking for Ride Leaders in some key cities. If you’d like to register your interest in becoming a Ride Leader, please complete our application form here: