Cycling can seem a little serious sometimes but it really doesn’t have to be. Riding your bike is an adventure, a conversation, an escape from reality, and our collaboration with Outdoor Voices proves it. After meeting two years ago on a cycling adventure in Mallorca, we started work. Now, we’re ready to reveal it.

It’s a collection for riders and recreationalists, for brand new cyclists and specialists alike which combines years of expertise in performance fabrics and fit with a fresh, new perspective and added practical features. There are extra pockets and pouches for riding essentials, a women’s specific chamois pad and pioneering new patterning for a contoured fit. We even have a cycling cap that accommodates ponytails, finally.

“Together with OV we set out to achieve a positive and inclusive experience for all women who love cycling, and also break down some of the barriers which can be a bit overwhelming. We wanted to bring everyone along on the journey through the graphics and colours of the range, without compromising on the technical aspects that we are known for.”

- Maria Olsson, Rapha Head of Design

Whether you’re riding around town or up a mountain, share your riding stories with us.



The centrepiece of the collection features a striking terrazzo print inspired by Mallorca and a host of practical features. The overlapped design of the back panel makes for excellent breathability and a sleek silhouette while a spacious dump pocket, snap pouch for coins and an elasticated loop for an extra layer allow you to carry all you need and more. There’s even a hidden drop tail with a reflective speckle pattern to keep roadspray at bay.

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Utility meets comfort in a game-changing pair of bibs with a pocket on either leg and one on the back for maximum storage. Just like the jacket, the bib section uses an overlapped design to complete the layered terrazzo aesthetic while the chamois pad has been designed and shaped specifically for women, on their very first ride or their longest yet.

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All the hallmarks of our much-loved women’s jerseys are here: a streamlined silhouette, lightweight and breathable fabrics and internal taping for stability even when your pockets are fully loaded. With OV, we’ve added a subtle coin pouch to complement the three rear pockets and a zipped loop pocket that is perfect for storing the Wind Jacket. These two items are designed to combine – the jersey is available in a range of three colours chosen to complete the jacket’s terrazzo design.

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For those who prefer to ride without bib straps, our all-new shorts provide the same comfort and stability as a bib short with a double-layer waistband for a secure fit. The high cut waistline complements the collection’s Cropped T-Shirt and makes these your go-to shorts on short rides with friends or longer adventures. The chamois pad is the same used in the collection’s bib short – designed and developed by women.

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A transforming, compact bag that can be attached via sturdy clips to the handlebar of your bike or worn over the shoulder on spontaneous roadside stops. The jacket, jersey and shorts in this collection provide plenty of storage space but sometimes you need a bit more. Keep an extra layer, supplies and even a disposable camera in here to make sure you’re never without.

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The cotton cycling cap is an icon, unless you have a ponytail in which case it’s more of an inconvenience. Not any more. This cap has been designed specifically for women incorporating feedback from our professional women’s team. There’s a gap for your ponytail and the overlap patterning that ties the collection together.

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Cropped T-shirt

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Ahead of the collection’s launch, we caught up with two members of Rapha’s design team to hear more about how the collaboration with Outdoor Voices came together. Jess Money is a graphic designer who developed the terrazzo print and Agata Jasinska worked extensively on the product design.

“Since the collaboration stemmed from a riding trip in Mallorca, terrazzo floors and walls were an influence from the outset,” says Agata. “By creating garments with layers of overlapping fabric and transparent panels, we aimed to recreate the visual effect of terrazzo. The depth of colour and the multi-purpose, utilitarian pocket arrangements make these products different.”

Explaining her choice of colours, Jess adds: “We wanted an earthy palette to complement the terrazzo print, so throughout the collection you have all of the elements: earth, wind and fire. These elements come together to create rocks, just like the garments in this collection come together to form the layered effect of the terrazzo.”