Outspoken: Faith in Sport With Marquis Bowden

How Marquis Bowden handles the unknown element of competition.

01 December 2022

In the life of an athlete, there’s only so much you can control. Training plans and performance tracking will get you to the start line, but once the klaxon sounds, you’re in the hands of the gods. How do you prepare for the feeling of letting go? And how do you trust that everything will go your way, when it’s no longer up to you?

In this episode of the Outspoken podcast, Angus Morton explores the faith we place in things we can’t control with Rapha ambassador Marquis Bowden. An aspiring professional runner with a lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics, Marquis approaches everything he does with inspiring levels of love and dedication. And at the center of it all, a passion for cycling offers sanctuary – giving him space to think whenever the pressures of performance reach tipping point.

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“Community is the biggest thing. People being welcoming, and simply wanting to know how you’re doing, is something I’ll carry with me forever. When you’re in a dark place, community can feel like a flower blossoming. Feeling the sun again, and being more receptive to life.”

Marquis Boden Riding Country Roads

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