The Cross Collection

A limited edition collection celebrating the world’s most famous cross courses.

01 November 2021

Here one minute and gone the next, cross racing is a constantly moving feast. In usually quiet fields and forests, abandoned stone quarries and windswept sand dunes, the world’s most iconic courses appear almost overnight and thousands of fans gather to watch the best in the business do battle.

Depending on the course, riders can be faced with slick mud or deep ruts, flights of stairs or high wooden barriers. And as course conditions change, every lap poses a different challenge, requiring not only supreme physical fitness but also split-second reactions and incredible bike handling skills.

And just hours after the race has finished, the circus is packed up and prepared for the next event. Race bikes are washed down, ticker tape is taken away and quiet returns to what was, for the weekend at least, a famous race venue.

From the sands of Koksijde to the cobbles of the Koppenberg, the new Cross collection celebrates the ephemeral nature of the world’s most iconic cross courses. Comprising a range of elite-level racewear designed specifically for the rigours of racing through the mud, the collection is available now, just in time for the start of the new season.

Men’s Cross Pro Team Training Jersey

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Men’s Cross Technical T-Shirt

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Women's Pro Team Training Cross Jersey

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Cross Bobble Hat

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