See the City in a Different Light

See the City in a Different Light

We invited Sarah van Rij & David van der Leeuw to capture our new Rapha Performance Sportswear collection with riders who live, work and play in NYC – a kaleidoscopic metropolis that is, like every city, best navigated by bike.

Sarah and David’s work documents the most photographed city in the world, with a unique graphic expression made of light and shadows, reflections, people, architecture, the decay and the energy. Layers of NYC that show us the city in a different light.

G. Rodriguez is an entrepreneur and rider based in Brooklyn. The bike is his key to NYC.

“NYC means the world to me. This place brings everyone and everything, you just gotta find it. I like riding in Brooklyn along Kent Avenue, it just lets me know I’m almost in Manhattan. Biking on the Kosciuszko Bridge too, looking at the skyline of the city with the sun setting.”

Cycling allows you to unlock your city like if it was a video game map. Everything on the map is grey, but once you discover a new part of the map, it gets colour.”

Image 1 - G wears the Men’s Tech Collar Jacket and Men’s Tech Pants

Image 2 - G wears the Men’s Insulated Jacket and Men's Commuter Lightweight Jacket.

Steph works as a nanny and has been navigating the boroughs by bike since childhood.

“NYC means everything to me. It’s my home, my base. Where my family immigrated for a better life, and we’re living it. Cycling definitely allows me to explore the city deeper. When I was younger my father and I would bike the whole west side of Manhattan together and always found new spots along the way. 

I absolutely think adventures in the city are just as eye-opening as more wild places because the city has a little bit of everything in it. A perfect day in NYC for me feels like 70 degrees at prospect park having a picnic under a cherry blossom tree in the middle of spring, then biking back home at night.”

Image 1 - Steph wears the Women’s Tech Jacket and Women’s Tech Pants

Image 2 - Steph wears the Women’s Active T-Shirt and Women’s Active Tights.

Julien, The Velo Barber, visits clients across the city by bike, always stopping to smell the flowers.

“Combining my work of cutting hair with riding allows me to play everyday. In a city that’s always moving, finding moments to stop and find beauty grounds you. On a ride home late last night I saw this beautiful tree in full bloom so I stopped and admired its fullness. 

New York City rivals the most epic places. What nature is to empty roads and scenic views, NYC has in density and diversity. The smells, flavours and cultures are always changing every block you go, so you have an endless amount of stimulation. You have to be fully present and actively aware of what’s happening around you at all times. So literally eyes wide open, or else… It’s a place of infinite opportunities and adventure.”

Image 1 - Julien wears the Men’s Tech Collar Jacket and Men’s Tech Pants

Image 2 - Julien wears the Men’s Insulated Jacket and Men’s Active Shorts.

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