Known for having the most successful lead out ever seen in US crits, L39ION of Los Angeles are a team driven by a purpose far beyond the podium.

26 April 2023

Founded in 2019 by brothers Justin and Cory Williams, it only took the team five months to secure their first state and national championships. At every race they enter, Legion’s tent is the place to be; their insightful race reports filmed from within the bunch have garnered a following of thousands online, and the team works hard to provide a pathway into the sport for young athletes from all backgrounds.

They are an unapologetic force looking to change the perception of cycling, in and outside of racing. Justin and Cory have built the US’ most dominant crit team whilst never straying from their mission of making cycling a more equitable and diverse sport, for both the racers and the fans. Never bending their own style to fit the mould of what a cyclist should look like, they’ve ripped up the rule book and changed the cycling scene to fit them.


From ambitious beginnings to a bold new vision for the future, this year’s Legion collection is the story of their start in the sport, written on their kit.



Shaking up the sport from the start, whatever Legion have done, they’ve looked good doing it. Always bringing some much needed attitude and style to the crit scene, this year is no different.

This team issue is all about stripping back the kit, reflecting the team’s original mission when Justin and Cory had to fight through the noise and against the odds to build their careers and become icons within a sport not set up for their success. The journey was hard but their vision was simple - to change the sport, forever.

The collection features various symbols as part of the design, each signifying different stages of the team’s story. First and foremost is the lion, a symbol of their fighting spirit. From their hometown in south central LA, to race podiums across the country - their rise always was rooted in tenacity.

“In the beginning it was simple, it was just about riding bikes and having fun. When it came to a head, and we were no longer having fun, I got to spend a year on my own and be in a place where everything I was doing was everything I thought the sport could and should be. I told Cory he should come along on this journey of doing it in a way that makes sense for us and people who look like us. And makes sense for where we want to see this sport go.”

- Justin Williams


Chapter 2, coming soon...