The Road Ahead

What matters most in times of adversity is how we react, how we maintain momentum, and see out the storm. Around the globe and in virtual worlds, we’re proud to be part of a cycling community that is coming together like never before, riding solo but never alone.

09 April 2020

The road ahead may be paved with uncertainty but in cycling, we find a little familiarity, some routine in a community that has found new ways to connect. For many of us around the world, despite interruption, it is a habit that won’t be kicked. Cycling brings reassuring structure to our days, a link to friends in the outside world, and even invitations to other, virtual worlds. It’s a chance to work off some steam, to go outside, or to stay inside. And far beyond the here and now, it’s a chance to see past the present and plot routes for the future, ready to be ridden when the time is right.

Now more than ever, we are committed to keeping every member of our cycling community – in the Rapha Cycling Club and beyond – ready for the road ahead. Over the next few weeks and months, we aim to keep you motivated and inspired with an array of rides, experiences, films and features perfectly suited to life in lockdown.


The Club is at the heart of all we do and in this time of separation, we’re better able to ride as one than ever. Exclusively for members, we have a raft of regular rides, upcoming member-only products and plenty of ways to stay in touch.

RCC + Zwift

Join any of our regular road rides on Zwift, and ride in an exclusive RCC Jersey.

Active social network

Chat on the app, head to the forum and get the latest in localised Chapters emails.

Priority at Rapha

Members receive exclusive early access to major new releases. See below for more details.


For those who cannot get outside to ride, Zwift is indispensable. Even those who can, often choose to train in the comfort of their own home. We have a range of rides, from social meet-ups to tougher training sessions, RCC rides for members to ride with the pros that are open to all.

Pro rides

Open to all

These group rides – led by professional riders from CANYON//SRAM and EF Pro Cycling – allow you to imagine what it would be like to ride in the pro peloton and are open to all.

EF rides

Open to all

A selection of rides led by EF riders, staff and team partners that are run several times a week across different time zones to suit all schedules.

RCC rides

Members only

For years, the Rapha Cycling Club’s coordinators have helped our members make the most of riding in their city. Now, they’re helping you unlock the potential of Zwift with regular online group rides in place of our usual RCC group rides.

A full schedule of our rides on Zwift is available on the Rapha + Zwift page.

“This has shown how important riding regularly with others is. There’s this parallel benefit to it. Sure, I can’t ride with my mates at the moment but we’re still speaking to each other all the time. We’re not friends just because of cycling.”

– Ben Chatfield, RCC #3421, London


In recent weeks, we’ve delved into the history books for memorable moments from the Spring Classics, we’ve revisited our own film archive and released the latest episode of EF Gone Racing from the Cape Epic. Still to come are fresh rider interviews from our sponsored teams, our ode to the Giro and much more.



Fifteen riders are admitted into the pantheon of greats, the best of the best in the modern era.



Catching up with CANYON//SRAM’S road captain as she adjusts to life on the rollers.


GIRO ‘62

Following the Giro’s pink paper trail with a virtual replay of one of the race’s iconic editions.



The story of the race that never was, told from inside the team as the alternative calendar was halted.



The very best editions of our favourite one-day races, celebrating the most memorable moments of early season glory.



The story of a partnership that put EF on the Paris-Nice podium, and was set to ignite the 2020 season.

“Without the RCC I would probably have stopped riding for a while but speaking to other members provides motivation and the club spirit endures. I have been speaking to members over the RCC app and we are all going to ride together as soon as the situation improves.”

Masaru Nakazato, RCC #14368, Tokyo


All over the world, Rapha Cycling Club coordinators are mixing things up off the bike, leading and hosting a range of coaching sessions, skills shares and more to help you take a break from turbo training. The events listed below are just the start, head to the RCC app for a full schedule.




Strength training

Thursdays, 6pm (EST): Build strength off the bike to aid your performance on it.




Friday fuel up

Every Friday Hong Kong member and dietitian Tiffany Shek shares her recipes.


Rapha UK


Monday masterclass

Live streamed on Rapha UK Instagram, 7.30pm BST

Tips and tricks on training, route planning and much more.

Member-only events can be accessed via our intuitive app, but a host of other sessions from mechanical masterclasses to training tips are available to all on our global and regional Instagram accounts.

“In the last few weeks the Club rides on Zwift have been great for me. We are lucky that things are looking up here. I’ve started to ride solo outside and I’ve noticed that many more people are using a bike to get to work instead of public transport.”

– Seohyun Kim, RCC #11993, Seoul



Coming April



Our Core Jersey is the trusted choice of cyclists around the world for any kind of riding. But for the hottest days, we’ve created a lighter, brighter cousin.


Coming May



Yesterday’s technology doesn’t win today’s races. Our all-new bibs weave in a range of developments in fabric and construction to give you the edge on race day. Exclusive early access for RCC members.


Coming June



At Rapha, we ride together. Outdoor Voices sweats together. Last year, we joined forces on a cycling adventure to the Spanish island of Mallorca and started work on a collection of cycling apparel for women unlike any other we’ve made before. Exclusive 48 hour early access for RCC members.

“The RCC app has been great for staying in touch. I put an event notice on there for weekly virtual yoga sessions on Monday nights and we’ve had loads of members participating. Like everyone else, I miss the group rides and look forward to the next one.”

– Jay Keese, RCC #25865, Washington DC


Despite the ongoing disruption, we are committed to bring members exclusive products made in collaboration with brand partners. The RCC Etape Jersey will no longer be available but while some releases will be delayed, the following exclusives are coming soon.





A unique collection of summer kit designed in collaboration with renowned Los Angeles artist, Geoff McFetride and available only to members of the RCC.





A special edition of Giro’s revolutionary Aether helmet, complete with its integrated MIPS safety system. And eye-catching club colours, of course.





Members with hex keys and a pocket pump from Silca will no doubt be keen for more. Our upcoming frame pump is a chance to complete your collection of the world’s finest tools and pumps.

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