RCC Journal – April

Simon Mottram gives us his highlights of what’s been happening in the RCC community and the latest club updates.

05 April 2019

It’s my favourite time of year. The pro season is underway, riding goals for the year have been set and everybody seems to be talking about the riding they’ve done and are about to do. I want to highlight just some of the things that have caught my eye this month, including rides that showcase the clubs values, and take a closer look at some of our members who ultimately make the club what it is.

Ride Around the World

Our Coordinators highlight some of the best things that have been happening in their community:

Mark Alford, RCC Cordinator LA

Custom Donuts

Spring has arrived in Los Angeles, USA, which is surely several degrees warmer than most places. Last Friday saw 21 riders out for their Randy’s Recovery Ride with several of the riders sporting their new Rapha Custom Friday Donut Ride livery.

Hiroki Mitsui, RCC Coordinator Tokyo

Tokyo Drift

Drier weather means that crit racing season is underway in earnest for lots of Chapters. It was great to see 11 RCC members in Tokyo representing the Club at the latest local race.

Aleda Fitzpatrick, RCC Marketing Manager London

Monumental Day Out

In the UK, RCC member Gianpaolo Fusari organised a Milan-San Remo tribute ride for 30 members, heading out from Rapha Spitalfields to Hastings on the coast. The route expertly recreated the elevation and parcours and new member Jamie Wharam rode the whole way back, totalling 315km.

Ed Nessen, RCC Coordinator DC

Coming Out of Hibernation


While still quite cold in the mornings, the trees and flowers are blooming in Washington DC, USA. Last weekends rides saw over 80 riders out on the roads, including open rides so that people can get a taste of what riding with the club is like.


Each month our RCC Coordinators choose a member in your community to highlight. Meet April’s:


Regine 'Sina' Dugas, #21166, Berlin

I bought my first road bike last June and started riding with RCC Berlin. I have had so many perfect moments since then thanks to the club riders. They show me that equality is not a dream but can be a reality. It's just incredible, you can find great friends in the RCC.


Vincent Pau, #17686, Hong Kong

I explore my city by bike to stay away from computers. Work life balance is important to people in this bustling city. Riding helps me relax after a big working week. I have ridden in China, Korea and Thailand with the RCC and am planning a trip to Okinawa, Japan and the challenge of HeHuanShan Wuling in Taiwan.


Mike Strasser, #13116, Toronto

Cycling allowed me to discover even more to love about my city, Toronto. My love for riding and exploring has grown to include discovering even more of my home with my friends, but also Hawaii, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Taiwan, Girona, and even Boulder with my brother.


Francisco Sanchez, #11730, Mexico City

Cycling is not only a great sport or one of my preferred hobbies, it is an essential part of my lifestyle, and I am excited to embrace every facet of it. But most important is to be able to share it with my family, friends and my increasing number of new cycling fellows everywhere.

Ride With Us

We are continually making updates to the Rapha Cycling Club so that members are getting the best of Rapha and value for their membership. Here are the latest updates to make you aware of:

RCC Summit

For many, our Summit is the best weekend of riding in the year. We can now confirm that this year we’ll be going to the cycling mecca of Mallorca. We will take in their marble-smooth roads, challenging climbs and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Dates and booking details to follow very soon. I will be there with you and I can’t wait.

Global Ride Leaders

As I mentioned last month, our ride leader programme is already up and running. Our ride leaders are trained, committed and insured giving you extra peace of mind when you ride with them. We now have ride leaders in London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, Rotterdam, Seoul, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka, Busan, Daejon, Gwangju and Seattle.

This month it will be predominantly rolling out in the USA in New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boulder.

Updates to the App

Our rollout of new app features continues apace. In last week’s release we added a new notification 24 hours before your ride starts which also prompts you to confirm you can still make it – no more missed starts. Next, RCC Escapes are our special rides that get you away from your usual roads and out riding with fellow members. They now have their own search field, making them easier to find. We’ve also improved the way that groups are displayed on the map, making it easier to find the group you’re looking for.

Download the app

I hope you enjoyed the RCC Journal for April. We’ll be back next month with more. See you on the road.

Simon Mottram
RCC Club Captain