Outskirts III: The Shadow of the East

In a region synonymous with division, two brothers reunite to ride 1600km to Istanbul, discovering new roads and dispelling old myths.

17 May 2019

Outskirts is a film series that strips bike riding back to its basics, chronicling unique adventures along the most iconic and beautiful roads in the world. It’s about the journey not the destination; the rewards of riding rather than the results; and challenging preconceived notions rather than affirming them from afar.

In the third instalment of the series, the Shadow of the East, brothers Angus and Lachlan Morton are reunited on a journey through the rugged mountains of the Balkan Peninsula. With a recent history pockmarked by conflict, the region has a reputation that keeps all but the most intrepid travellers away. From the staggering beauty of the Albanian Alps to the city limits of Istanbul, the brothers discover a different face of defamed European backwater.

Meet the Riders:

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