Nomad Collection

Celebrating the feeling of freedom that only a bike ride can provide with an all-new collection of limited edition adventure apparel for women.

22 June 2021

From the rainforests of Oregon to the high mountains of Colorado, the collection takes its cues from the natural beauty of the trail and the era in which it was established, featuring a selection of riding essentials that are made for adventure rather than speed. Paired together or worn separately, each piece is designed to help unlock the freedom and adventure that only a bike ride can provide.

For 150 years, cycling has been a source of women’s liberation – a tool for freedom, learning and journeys of self-discovery that can cross entire continents. The Nomad collection is inspired by one such journey, first undertaken in the 1970s and repeated earlier this year by two groups of women, along sections of the iconic TransAmerican Trail.

I Share the Trail With...

To celebrate the launch of the Nomad collection, we gathered two groups of women together to share a journey of a lifetime along sections of the TransAmerica Trail. To follow their rides, which took them along parts of the trail in Oregon and Colorado renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, read the full feature below.


Rie Sawada




Stephanie Puello




Lael Wilcox




Molly Sugar




Krystal Salvent




Hooded Wind Jacket

With an eye-catching design inspired by geological patterns visible from the TransAm Trail, this jacket is made with a lightweight, windproof fabric with a handy chest pocket for essentials and an adjustable hood to see you through the storms.

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Cargo Bib Shorts

These do-it-all adventure bib shorts are made for comfort on rides of any length with a highly supportive chamois pad, lightweight mesh uppers and stretchy side pockets on the legs for carrying food to snack on or a phone to snap pictures.

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Bar Bag

No matter where your adventure takes you, you’ll need supplies. This conveniently-sized bar bag clips quickly and easily to the handlebar with internal dividers to keep things organised, a shoulder strap for off-bike excursions and reflective webbing for attaching a light to after sunset.

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Technical T-Shirt

With every state on the route listed on the back in type typical of the time, this special edition of our ever-popular tee features a design that honours the TransAmerica Trail and the bands of cyclists, many of them women, who first rode it from coast to coast back in the 70s.

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A lightweight, packable essential on any bikepacking trip, this limited edition cap also features our geologically-inspired design as well as a convenient gap designed specifically for riders with a ponytail.

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