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Our purpose is to inspire the world to live life by bike.

Riding a bike is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s an endless adventure that starts on your doorstep and never ends. It’s the confidence of knowing you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s the effort of climbing one more hill, and the ecstasy of flying back down. It’s a chance to connect with friends or take time for yourself. It’s many things to many people but it’s never just a ride.

We believecyclingtransformslives

We believecyclingtransformslives

The Rapha Classic Jersey

The Rapha Classic Jersey

Our Work

Given our purpose, our work at Rapha is to inspire and equip people to live a life by bike, all day, every day. We do this, first and foremost, by creating the world’s best cycling clothing. With innovative products designed for all types of terrain and rigorously tested around the world, we aim to improve the riding experience for everyone. Through our beautiful films and features we tell cycling stories that inspire people to get out and ride themselves. And since the best rides are often those we share with others, we host an array of unique events as well as running our own cycling club, the Rapha Cycling Club, to connect riders around the world.

Staff at Rapha HQ, London

Staff at Rapha HQ, London

Our Values

Everything we do at Rapha is informed by a set of commonly held values. Though our work has grown to encompass a broad range of activities, the same values that guided our growth at the start continue to do so now. From Seoul to San Francisco, product designers to floor leads, everyone on our diverse team works towards fulfilling these values.

  • Love the sportLove the sport
  • Think for yourselfThink for yourself
  • SufferSuffer
  • Inspire others Inspire others


At our London headquarters and our other locations around the world, you’ll find passionate staff who all share a love for cycling. Most of us ride to work and on Wednesday mornings, we take a break from what we’re doing to ride together. Three times a year, we even close our offices for the entire day to celebrate each other’s successes on our office rides.

To celebrate each other’s successes and get to know colleagues from other teams, we close the office for the day and come together three times a year on our three annual office rides.

In a long held Rapha tradition, staff take Wednesday mornings off to take a break from their work and ride together.

Awarded to staff members who go above and beyond in honour of one of our cycling heroes who, with courage and determination, overcame the odds to take a surprise victory on a stage of the 1994 Tour de France over Mont Ventoux.

Named in honour of record-breaking distance cyclist Marguerite Wilson, this award celebrates staff members who have achieved incredible feats on the roads and trails.

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Ride with us

Riding is at the heart of everything we do. And since the beginning, we’ve invited our customers to come along for the ride. From the Women’s 100 to the Festive 500, our riding challenges have become a rite of passage for riders around the world while we also offer unrivalled support at sportives and run regular group rides around the world. Find out about upcoming Rapha rides and events near you by checking our localised schedules.

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Our Products

For seventeen years, Rapha products have redefined comfort, performance and style for cyclists from across the sport. Using only the most advanced technical fabrics, we keep the entire design process in house while our global network of wear testers put prototypes through their paces to ensure every product outperforms its predecessor.


Pro team shoes

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RCC Members

RCC Members


The Rapha Cycling Club is a global community of passionate cyclists who enjoy exclusive access to our most sought after products and experiences, including unique brand collaborations, iconic club kit and the RCC app. Here, we list hundreds of rides and events in locations around the world, allowing our members to unlock the social side of cycling.

RCC Members

RCC Members

RCC Members

  • 23000

  • 1000

  • 800

  • 500


Located in 21 cycling cities around the world, Rapha Clubhouses are inspiring meeting places for fans of the sport. Inside you’ll find a retail space stocked with the latest Rapha products, a café serving fine coffee and food, as well as an extensive programme of live racing, rides and events.

Rapha Melbourne

Rapha Melbourne

Rapha London

Rapha Foundation

Founded with the mission of building a better future for cycling and cyclists, the Rapha Foundation is a key component of our mission to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. Since 2019, the Foundation has funded more than 10 organisations around the world committed to inspiring, empowering and supporting the next generation of riders and racers from under-represented communities.

Two cyclist are racing

South London’s historic Herne Hill Velodrome has served the local community since 1891 and featured as a venue in the 1948 Olympic Games. This trust is the charity that manages the running of a site that hosts countless off-road and track events every year for thousands of local cyclists.

Group of kids on the bikes

Based in the US, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association builds strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling. Founded in 2009, NICA has grown to offer a variety of cycling-related experiences for middle and high school student-athletes, all of which reflect its core values of fun, inclusivity, equity, respect, and community.

Group of kids on the bikes

Committed to growing grassroots cycling participation in schools across Australia, Ride Nation operates a fleet of donated bike libraries to help as many students as possible gain access to the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

Our Impact

We believe that cycling is a fundamental force for good in the world but to realise its full potential, we must do more to ensure all of our activities have a positive environmental and social impact. With this in mind, Rapha has made five commitments aimed at making our impact entirely positive.

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  • 34000

  • 100

  • 60

  • 90


The year we become carbon neutral.

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We’ve achieved a great deal since we started in 2004. And from pro team partnerships to community outreach, we’re incredibly proud of our journey so far. As cycling continues to grow and transform people’s lives, we’re excited to add to this growing list of milestones and accomplishments.