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Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s incredible Women’s 100 ten year celebration. For those that completed the challenge on Strava, you will receive a digital roundel and 10% Rapha discount, plus you’ll be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a brand new OPEN U.P and £1,000 worth of Rapha products.

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A sisterhood that stretches beyond borders and breaks down barriers, a worldwide synergy that uplifts and overcomes, the Women’s 100 is back. And this year we’re marking a decade of dedicating the roads, tracks and trails to women all around the world. Whether you’re a first-time rider or returning for your tenth year, the W100 is all about celebrating women in cycling and going the distance, together. So on Sunday 18th September, we’re challenging you to ride 100km in one day, and with our sights set on a target of 100,000 people taking part, it’s going to be a global connection of shared experience. You in?


Join thousands of riders around the world and sign up to the Strava challenge, and you’ll receive a digital roundel and 10% Rapha discount when you complete it. Plus, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new OPEN U.P, and £1,000 worth of Rapha products.

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Celebrating ten years of women’s cycling, we’ve collaborated with not one but two world-class designers for a very special Women’s 100 collection. No go-getting, change-seeking, day-seizing sisterhood is complete without a uniform that sets them apart when out of the road, so we doubled up on the design with the expert help of both Zuzanna Rogatty and Studio Nari.

Women's 100 Pro Team Training Jersey

- Zuzanna Rogatty

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- Zuzanna Rogatty

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Women's 100 Pro Team Training Jersey

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The Women’s 100 stands as far more than just one, singular ride. It’s a global celebration that doesn’t stop when you cross the line. The training miles and the friendly face smiles, the weekly sessions and weekend rides, they’re all part of the party. Whether you’re looking for local training rides or for an inclusive group to ride alongside, find you local routes and sign up now. You can also find your nearest ride for the real thing too.

Retail Partner Rides

Prague - SBCR

Paris - WATT

Copenhagen - Capito

Geneva/Nyon, Switzerland - RAPHA WOMEN'S 100 JURA - Tête de Course and Andrea Sauser

Dresden - Kolibri Cycling

Madrid - Sanferbike

Brussels - Coureur

Düsseldorf - Schicke Mütze

Philadelphia - She is Focused

Jakarta, Indonesia - Rapha Women's 100 - Sepeda Kita

Los Angeles - Serious Cycling Agoura Hills

Toronto - Blacksmith Cycles

Florida - @doragravelexplorers




“I’ve been cycling since I was a kid growing up on a West London estate, but I only started group riding two years ago, aged 51. I love the feeling of riding, it’s my happy place, and even when it’s hard the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is unbeatable. I love the cycling community that I’ve become a part of, the ritual of early starts and post-ride coffees, escaping the city and exploring places I never thought I’d see by bike.”


“I came to group riding late, so if I can help inspire women in my age group that’s a win for me and for cycling.”


“This will be my third year riding the Women’s 100. My first was a Windsor Bun Run, I saw lots of women on the road and we were all so happy, excitedly waving at one another. For the first time I felt like I was part of something bigger in the sport. Each year, more women are taking up cycling, including more Black women, women of colour and members of the LGBTQi+, trans and non-binary communities and it’s great to have a date in diary where we can celebrate this growing community of cyclists.”


“As a young girl, I used to hear the Tour de France theme tune blast on the TV and dread another year of watching the race. That, and my dad’s five bikes stashed in the house, was all I knew of cycling. I heard stories of how he turned up to local races as the only Black man and the other riders would largely ignore him, he was treated with such hostility but he never stopped showing up. I remember feeling very proud of that.

In 2014, I was in between jobs and rediscovered my old mountain bike whilst rummaging through the shed. I have no idea how far I ended up riding, nor the kit I wore or where I ended up, but I distinctly remember feeling the negative energy leave my body, all the uncertainty and worry I hadn’t realised was there.”


“My riding adventures look a little different now, but I can’t wait to share my passion with her.”


“As a new mum, it’s quite common to feel a kind of identity disconnect. Ocean is my best friend, my first thought in the morning and my last at night. But in this new relationship and connection, I have sometimes felt unsure of who I was in myself. I didn’t realise how much I was struggling with it until the first time I got back on my bike since giving birth.”


“I am a real latecomer to cycling. I didn’t have a bike as a kid, and learning as an adult has been a slow process. It was only until I received a tricycle for my 50th birthday that I fully committed myself to get out on the road. Over the course of two years I’ve been able to build my confidence, with the help of some amazing friends and colleagues. I enjoy riding the trike at a reggae-beat pace, feeling the fresh air, the subtleties of smells and sounds – it’s pure joy.”

“This will be my first year riding the Women’s 100. Last year I just met everyone for a drink after they finished and the energy they had as a group was so enigmatically powerful.”


“There was so much laughter and story sharing and I thought, okay, next year.”


“The furthest I’ve ever ridden is 45km, so I’ll need to build up to 100km. The plan is to go a bit further each weekend, and mix in some regular yoga to stretch out. The aim is to up the pace to a drum and bass beat and measure the 100km from my front door on the day.”



“I have been cycling my whole life. I learnt to ride a bike at three, and began racing at 7. It was something we did as a family, Mum and Dad on the front of a tandem, my sister and I cruising on the back. Ever since my first visit to our local track to join in a beginners session, bikes have become a huge part of my life, in the best way.”


“It’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I’m about to begin my ninth consecutive cyclocross season, each year increasing the level I race at.”


“It’s impossible to distil my love for the sport down to one reason, but the friends I’ve made along the way are definitely up there. Being part of an amazing group of girls from all around the world, all of us doing the same thing, feels seriously special.”

“I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch with my riding recently, so I took things back to basics, teaching myself that not every ride is about results and training shouldn’t be measured by how tough it was. So I’m looking forward to a chatty, chilled ride with new friends and different routes. No ‘training’, just riding.”


If you can’t make it one of our Clubhouse rides, why not join one of our weekly group workouts on Zwift? Starting on Thursday 25th August and running for 4 weeks, the workout aims to improve your endurance to help you go the distance and complete the challenge. Every rider who joins a Women’s 100 Zwift ride will gain access to the digital jersey.