Ode to the sun

Ode to the sun

Special edition women’s collection

12 January 2018

Rapha is proud to present a new special edition collection in collaboration with Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell. Ride comfortably in hot and humid weather, in an eye-catching kit inspired by the CANYON//SRAM rider.

Aussie summer

“Early morning bunch rides are a big part of Australian ride culture. I love watching the sunrise over the Adelaide hills as I’m riding down towards the beach to meet the group. We’ll do 100km full gas before 10am but then when you finish you feel so good about yourself – and the coffee always tastes better too.”
– Tiffany Cromwell

Tiff’s early morning training rides have provided the inspiration for the Ode to the Sun collection, which features a fade design reminiscent of a sunrise, brightening from deep navy to warm yellow. A pattern inspired by Japanese Asanoha has been overlaid on the fade. In traditional culture, the hemp leaves design represents growth and good health.

The Collection

Souplesse Flyweight Jersey

A performance jersey that shines on your fastest rides in the sun. Made of a super lightweight fabric perforated to let the breeze through and body heat out.

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Souplesse Flyweight Bib Shorts

Our lightest ever women’s bib shorts, made using a featherlight fabric that offers excellent coverage and hot-weather performance. The gripper features a striking fade design.

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Cotton Cap

Few riders wear a cycling cap as well as Tiffany Cromwell and she has a personal collection of hundreds. This classic four-panel cotton cap looks just as good on a ride as at the café. Available in short sleeve, long sleeve & sleeveless.

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“Riding from my apartment in Nice along the coast towards Italy, it’s amazing to watch the sun rise over the water. Such a beautiful sight, especially when you have boats sitting out on the water too.”
– Tiffany Cromwell

Lightweight Cap

A performance cycling cap for riding in the heat, constructed of a lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric that has laser cut holes on either side for breathability.

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Souplesse Base Layer

You might not be on the Côte d’Azur or in Adelaide like Tiff, but if you’re training in hot weather this technical base layer will help wick sweat away to keep you cool.

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Medium Support Bra

A sleek cycling bra that provides structured support. Developed using breathable and lightweight materials to handle high tempo rides and races on hot days..

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Lightweight Socks

Extra-soft, fine-yarn socks that are lightweight, durable and hard-wearing for hot-weather riding, featuring Tiffany Cromwell’s design and the signature Rapha Souplesse stripe.

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The Australian racing season starts early, with the road nationals taking place in January each year. Here’s Tiff mid-pack at last week’s road race.

Meet Tiffany Cromwell

The Diva from Down Under

Tiffany Cromwell is a specialist in the one-day classics, considered the hardest races in the sport. But it isn’t all about tough riding for the CANYON//SRAM racer. Whether she’s enjoying some retail therapy on the Côte d’Azur, crafting a healthy gourmet dinner back home in Adelaide, or getting dressed up for a Monaco soirée, a day in the life of this Aussie road-ripper is never a bore.

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"Working with one of our best female riders on this project has been a great experience. Combining visual design elements with insights into riding in the most extreme conditions is what makes this collection quite special. I think there is a clear link between the energy projected by Tiff and the final collection – a true representation of the beauty that sunny riding conditions bring." – Maria Olsson, Product Range Lead Road & Race

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