Rapha Imperial Works Collection

Imperial Works Collection

London club. Italian soul.

06 July 2021

The Rapha Cycling Club was founded in 2015 to connect cyclists around the world and bring them closer to Rapha. But though the club as we now know it was established six years ago, the community at its heart has much deeper roots.

Long before the signature stripes of the RCC were to be seen in cities around the world, there was another club based in London but with an Italian soul. Taking its name from Rapha’s original offices inside an old piano factory, Imperial Works was an invitation-only members’ club whose luxurious livery was the envy of other cyclists.

To celebrate the origins of the Rapha Cycling Club, we have recreated the black, purple and gold of the original gruppo sportivo in an exclusive collection that, like the original, is available only to members.


Inspired by jackets worn by racers during cycling’s golden era and made with 100% luxurious merino wool, the Track Jacket features a chain-stitched G.S Imperial befitting a bygone era.

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As popular with Imperial Works members as they are now, the Classic Bib Shorts feature our most supportive chamois pad plus the limited edition black and gold livery of the original gruppo sportivo.

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A classic tricolour jersey in the distinctive black, purple and gold of Imperial Works. Made with Rapha Performance Merino (RPM150), the jersey also features an embroidered treble clef on the pocket as a nod to Rapha’s original offices inside an old piano factory.

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