Gears for Change

We speak to Indigenous Australian artist Matt Fellingham about the inspiration behind his designs for the new Connect and Reflect collection.

11 November 2022

“I was really inspired by Rapha as a brand. Known for bold designs and strong colour choices, I was naturally drawn to the patterns and styles of sacred geometry I found across products. So for this collection, I wanted the design to resemble the gears of a bike, the mechanism itself but also the gears as a vessel for change and connection. As the bike connects us to ourselves and to the lands we ride in, the design reflects this connection in the sacred geometry used in the infinite looping gears.

“The colourways that provide the base for this overlay originate from photographs taken of natural formations. The hues of pink, ochre and sandstone come directly from the coastline.”


Indigenous Australian artist Matt Fellingham has incorporated the concept of sacred geometry to our latest limited edition collection. Traditionally less reliant on the written word to tell stories, Indigeous Australian art instead communicates details and descriptions with each pattern formation and particular colour choice.

“Repetitive patterns can be found everywhere in the natural world. The intricate, interlacing shapes of sacred geometry exist in everything. From the planting of a seed to the pattern of a flower’s petals, constellations in the sky to each molecule of water. Different styles of this geometry can be found across religions and cultures. I wanted to create a design that bonded people together, beyond any kind of barrier, that represented something we are all a part of.”

Connect to Country

Matt’s work centres around this concept of sacred geometry, with allusions to the elements and cultural journeys. Taking inspiration from the natural world, his designs reflect on this connection to your surroundings and the intention of his artwork.

“Art is so important in its ability to tell stories and share meaning. And it's not just about the picture, but how it captivates its audience and how you participate in it. It is a way of reflecting and connecting with yourself and the world around you. I believe in creating art for purpose, it should be everywhere and be contributing to something. And this art is accessible, it has the freedom of movement .”

The purpose for this collection and its design is to celebrate the bike’s ability to bring people together, to connect with one another and reflect on our surroundings. In keeping with the release of the collection, Rapha Foundation grantee Ride Nation will receive 12% of all profits to help fund their mission to break down barriers to provide cycling training and equitable access to bikes for underserved students in Australia, something Matt is also passionate about.

“I like the concept of encouraging kids to take ownership. Ride Nation contributes not just to physical and mental health, but allows children to be a part of something bigger and connect with others. Teaching kids how to take care of a bike whilst meeting other people contributes to a much wider sense of freedom and responsibility.”

Find out more about Ride Nation here, and shop the full collection below.


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