Rapha's Guide To Hot Weather Cycling Guide - 2020 Best Summer Clothing

Hot Weather Riding Guide

Long days and easy miles, warm weather and broad smiles, riding your bike is a pure pleasure in the summer months. To help you and your riding partners make the most of the best season for cycling, take a look at our expert’s guide complete with hints and tips on staying cool.

With the weather set fair and the roads dry, the most important consideration on summer rides is often keeping cool. Keep reading as we go through your entire riding outfit, providing tips on clothing choice, and let you in on a few age-old riding summer shortcuts that have been shared between cyclists for years.

Lighten up

From the superlight Silk Jersey to our race-ready Pro Team Flyweight Jerseys, all of our summer jerseys and t-shirts are made with lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin to regulate body temperature when the heat is on.

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Pro Tip:

There’s a reason that teams switch to white kits for the Tour de France – lighter shades reflect light to keep you cooler. Save the darker shades for the rain showers and cooler temperatures of autumn and winter.

Breathable bibs

Just like our summer jerseys, our flyweight bib shorts are made with superlight, breathable fabrics to help you stay cool. Mesh uppers compliment the sweat-wicking properties of your jersey while fabric of the shorts incorporates a technology developed with professional race teams to minimise heat absorption.

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Pro Tip:

If there’s ever a time to shave your legs, it’s the summer. Time to earn yourself some WorldTour tan lines.

Doff your cap

A cap might seem counterintuitive in hot weather but the brim will help to keep the sun from your eyes. Our lightweight cycling caps also feature technical fabrics with perforations to promote airflow and wick sweat from your brow.

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Pro Tip:

On particularly hot days, moisten your cap before your ride and at cafés or springs en route to boost the cooling effect.

Eyes on the prize

Bright sun casts deep shadows. The contrast-enhancing lens technology is our range of eyewear adapts rapidly to changes in light conditions, allowing you to ride with confidence through bright sunlight to dark mountain tunnels and everything in between.

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Pro Tip:

When not in use, store your sunglasses in the vents of your helmet. Slide the arms through the vents for a satisfying secure fit – a far safer place compared to hanging them from your jersey collar.

Build from the base

The argument still rages on whether a base layer can keep you cooler but on all but the hottest of days, we recommend wearing one. For a streamlined fit, go sleeveless; for more coverage, opt for a short-sleeved base layer and pair it with arm warmers if the weather turns.

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Pro Tip:

To work well, a base layer should be worn close against the skin. When choosing yours, consider sizing down.

Stay hydrated

Besides overheating, the other consideration on summer rides is staying well hydrated. Rapha bidons are available in two sizes and feature an easy-to-use cap for quick access when taking a drink.

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Pro Tips:

It pays to be prepared. Before your ride, stick an ice cube or two into your bidons – you’ll thank yourself later.