Rapha's guide to commuting

Conquer the Commute

Want to get home from work safe, sound and sooner than you do now? Keep reading for a quick guide to commuting to work by bike.


Cycling to work is refreshingly simple. Ride any bike you like and wear what you want but consider a few essentials items for protection from the weather and visibility in traffic.


Keep the worst of the weather off and stay seen.


Keep your belongings dry, and help you stay seen.


Cut to be comfortable on the bike and inconspicuous off it.


A featherweight jacket that is more than light and bright enough for commuting in changeable weather conditions.

Cool in a rush

Our new ultralight fabric sits comfortably next to the skin or a mid layer and breathes exceptionally well to allow excess body heat to escape. Combined with a mesh panel over the shoulders, it keeps you cool even on hectic days.

Dry in a shower

A rain shower that is. Breathable in the heat but protective in the rain, the Lightweight Commuter Jacket will shrug off all but the most concerted showers, making it perfect for riding through the city in changeable weather.

Packable stuff sack

With an integrated stuff sack in the front pocket, you can carry an extra layer without knowing it. Roll the jacket up, pack it down and stuff it in your bag, ready for the next band of rain.


Waterproof, breathable and visible, the Commuter Jacket is made for the rigours of riding to work.


Developed exclusively for Rapha, the jacket uses a lightweight fabric that boasts a waterproof membrane with a durable water repellent treatment and fully taped seams for complete protection from the elements.


An air-permeable membrane keeps the rain out but also lets sweat escape, with a dry touch print on the inside in case you work up a sweat. The full-length waterproof zip allows you to wear the jacket open on warmer days and is offset to prevent irritation against the chin.


The jacket features a reflective dot pattern, designed to sit just below your backpack and directly in a driver’s line of sight. A reflective chest logo and hood retention strap combine to catch the eyes from all angles.


A comfortable, durable backpack is the cornerstone of every commute. Designed by riders who always traverse the city by bike, and tested on thousands of journeys from A to B, our Rolltop Backpack is the last word in commuter bags, with ergonomic panelling, ample storage and weather-proof materials.

Rain protection

With a roll top closure and waterproof fabrics, the Rolltop Backpack will always keep its contents dry.

Practical Pockets

Internal pockets provide space for smaller items while conveniently located external side pockets keep your keys safe.

Mesh Padding

Foam back panelling for comfort, air flow and breathability.

Look for loops

All of our bags feature reinforced loops for hooking lights and locks.

Stay seen

Reflective tabs plus hi-vis panels and covers boost visibility when riding in low light.

Grab and go

Wear your bag or carry it beside you with sturdy grab handles.

Roll Top Backpack

Small Travel Backpack


A pair of hard-wearing trousers for riding around town, commuting and travelling.

Stay seen

Large reflective logo on the inside of the right leg for visibility.

No creases

Quick-drying, crease-resistant material for a seamless transition off the bike.

Regular fit

Tapered fit with a high-cut back perfect for city cycling.


The Extras

It’s a commute, not a crit race. There’s no set uniform. While most people opt for backpacks, some prefer bike packs. A cycling jersey works, but so does a t-shirt. Whatever you wear, always incorporate reflective elements where possible.


Planning a route before you leave the house can make your commute a whole lot more enjoyable and safer. Avoiding main roads reduces the risk of accidents and can be quicker too. A raft of route planning services are available online but local knowledge trumps all. If you live nearby, head to your local Rapha Clubhouse for top tips on hidden routes.