Test Story

Test Story

There’s a natural connection between the trails and those that ride them, it requires a willingness to give back to the ground you ride on.

24 February 2023

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Cold or windy weather may require an outer layer to keep you protected, but when the clouds clear or you turn it up a gear, it's just as important to be able to pack away your jacket as it is to put it on. Changing conditions and longer trips will require premium packability for easy storage in your pockets and bar bags.

Weather Protection

When it comes to creating cycling jackets for a wide range of riding styles and weather conditions, we make sure each jacket is tailored perfectly to its surroundings. That’s why many of our products use technology from world-leading weather protection experts GORE-TEX, each made with the most relevant of their fabrics.

Jacket or jersey?

The art of layering can be a tricky one to master. Picking between base layers and deciding whether you require a jacket or a jersey are all things to consider. Whilst jackets offer better weather protection, it’s also important to take temperature into account, and some of our jerseys offer jacket-like protection without the bulk.

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