Keep Your Cool

Tested in the world’s hottest and most humid riding climates, the Pro Team Flyweight Jersey and Bib Shorts are made to take the heat.

18 April 2018


Heat and humidity are testing conditions for jerseys and bib shorts. Sweat soaks fabrics, ill-placed seams can cause irritation, and exposed skin risks sun damage. Rapha’s designers have reworked the Pro Team Flyweight Jersey and Bib Shorts with new fabrics and designs to create clothing that thrives in hot and humid conditions.

The jersey features a new, thinner fabric on the front for superb ventilation and a 40% weight saving compared with the Pro Team Midweight Jersey. The back is made of an alternate lightweight fabric with a UPF 40 rating which, combined with sun cream, provides excellent protection. Thanks to their excellent breathability, both fabrics dry extremely quickly, so you won’t be weighed down with sweat after hard efforts in the heat.

The bibs use a breathable performance fabric weighing just 155 grams per square metre, almost 25% lighter than our Pro Team Bib Shorts II. The mesh bib straps have been slimmed down to reduce contact with your skin, and they’re finished with bonded elastic to provide comfortable support. Silicone-backed grippers hold the hems of the shorts in place, even during intense intervals.

“This super lightweight fabric makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing – the invisible jersey.”

– Maria Olsson, Design Manager