Explore Waterproof Bike Packs

Tested to breaking point in the field and raced to victory across continents, our new waterproof bike packs are durable, reflective and rackless, allowing you to set up your bike for self-sufficiency on adventures, big and small.

15 May 2019


Available in three sizes to suit different frame sizes

Streamlined storage that’s close to hand, with a slip pocket for ride food and five straps to fix securely to the bike.

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“Whether it’s empty or packed full of food for the ride, the frame pack keeps its shape really well.”

- Anna Mcleod, Veneto Trail winner and product tester


Capacity - 20 litres

Rolls up from both sides and packs down incredibly small with excess air escaping through a valve.

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“Since the bar pack opens at both ends, it can be rolled down to any size.”

- James Mark Hayden, Transcontinental Race winner and product tester


Capacity - 1 litre

Keep all you need for the ride in the most convenient location of all, easy to reach at a moment’s notice.

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“It was reassuring to see the water rolling off the top tube bag and knowing that, even if I was drenched, my phone, power pack and food supply for the night was dry.”

- Anna McLeod, Veneto Trail winner and product tester

Rear Pack

Two-part design incorporating a harness that securely fastens to the bike and a completely waterproof dry bag that can be removed in seconds.

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“Time is of the essence on the Transcontinental Race, removing just the dry bag from my rear pack saved me valuable time when I stopped for the night.”

- James Mark Hayden, Transcontinental Race winner and product tester

Saddle Pack

Available in two sizes to carry essential tools

Completely waterproof, highly durable fabric prevents tools ripping the pack or rusting in the rain.

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During the testing process for our bike packs, the ultimate seal of approval came from our ultra-endurance race athletes. Both Anna and James used the packs en route to victory in some of the most arduous long-distance races in the world, including the Transcontinental Race which James won for the second time. We spoke to him as he was enjoying some well-deserved downtime at the finish line in Greece to find out what keeps him going.