Meet the seven riders who came together for the Rapha Cycling Club’s trip to New York State.

Club Calling

Meet the seven riders who came together for the Rapha Cycling Club’s trip to New York State last month.

06 June 2017

Karen Yung

Brooklyn resident Karen got into cycling because public transport in the Big Apple frustrated her. Now, the Amazon employee rides almost every day: “The strength of the community inspires me. I’ve had strangers in Germany host me, and new friends take me on their favorite roads in Tokyo, Capetown, and Seattle”. Karen’s own favourite routes are out in the Catskills, so this RCC trip was a staycation in cycling heaven.

Marius Nilsen

Norwegian creative Marius takes black and white photographs so good you’ll never need to see in colour again. A member of the International Chapter of the RCC, long-distance rider Marius spearheads the ‘Scando Rando’ movement and organises regular RCC rides and excursions around Scandinavia.

Eric Hill

San Francisco’s Eric Hill manages two successful German-themed restaurants in the Golden City. When not spinning the plates, you’ll find him riding or racing his bike for the RCC, or eating Skratch Labs – he’s one of their ‘Taste Agents’. “I am always amazed at how quickly a bond is formed between cyclists, be it a weekly group ride, or in our case a weekend excursion,” he says, adding that he joined the RCC because “it means I have a place where I know I’ll find friends, new and old who are willing to grab a coffee, watch bike racing, or go for a ride.”

Adam Choi

Each RCC Chapter has a Coordinator, a passionate road cyclist who helps organise events, trips and rides, and Adam Choi is our man in Seoul, South Korea. Leading the new wave of cycling in South East Asia, Adam also runs a local RCC racing team, but he isn’t adverse to a little downtime: “Highlight of the Catskills trip? It’s always good to end a ride with Coors beer…”

Ben Chatfield

London-based Ben runs the Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel creative design agency. He’s also one of the nicest people you could ever meet – and has a great beard to boot. A ride leader for the RCCLDN chapter, Ben takes groups out to the Kent countryside most weekends, and loves going away with his bike: “A cycling road trip is the best of all worlds — a sort of road trip squared.”

Brett Moen

‘Bikes, photography, travel’ reads New York local Brett’s Instagram profile, and you’ll usually finding him doing at least one of the three. A professional photographer by trade, Brett has worked for some of the world’s biggest fashion houses in his career. He says that the RCC trip to the Catskills “proved my love for cycling and people that love the sport just as much as I do.”

Kelton Wright

The Manager Editor for meditation app Headspace, and a published author, Kelton finds peace on the bike. “Over and over in life, I’m reminded I’m a woman—but on the bike? I get to be something else. On the bike, I’m a steady wheel, I’m good company. On the bike, I’m just another person working my shit out on the road.” Kelton rides with the RCC because “wherever I am in the world, there’s someone with a pump, with a spare tube, and with a route I would’ve never found on my own. It means wherever I am, I have friends.”