Rapha's Guide to Riding in Winter - Women's

If winter is the hardest time to ride, it’s also the most rewarding. Cold, crisp starts into low sun are worth getting out for, but challenging weather, short days and seasonal merriment can mean the bike is easily neglected. Here’s our comprehensive guide to keeping the pedals turning right through winter.

17 November 2021

Traditional logic dictates that winter is the worst time to ride. But cold temperatures, wet weather and shorter days can all be overcome with the right mindset and the correct clothing. The focus in winter is on protection and insulation. Your extremities are particularly susceptible to the cold so we recommend wearing a winter hat or cap, insulating gloves and protective overshoes to help maintain body temperature for as long as possible.

For riding in low light, garments with reflective details help boost visibility in conjunction with bright front and back lights. And with rain showers never too far away, you should always carry a waterproof outer layer and check the forecast before you leave. If it’s too icy, stay at home. But otherwise, follow our key considerations below and enjoy the wonders of winter riding.


In spite of colder temperatures and wet weather, enjoy winter riding with our three guiding principles to staying warm and dry in any weather.



Winter weather tends to be wet. To help you shrug off the storms, we offer a range of GORE-TEX jackets as well as weather-protective bib tights and accessories, from gloves and hats to overshoes.



As the temperature falls, staying wrapped up becomes more important. Pick from our range of pioneering insulated jackets and gilets to lock body heat in on cold days.



Visibility is crucial all day at this time of year. Pick from our broad range of products with reflective detailing to make sure you stand out.

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With consistently cold and wet weather, the ideal winter outfit is all about insulation and waterproof protection. Build up from a long-sleeve base layer and add a versatile midlayer for extra warmth. Pair weather-protective winter tights with a jacket of your choice that’s either insulated, waterproof or both.


To browse all of our collections together and compare side-by-side, take a look at our full winter range. From the miracle merino wool base layers to waterproof jackets that make the most of the latest fabric technologies, we’ve got every layer covered.

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