The Rapha Film Fund

Searching for aspiring filmmakers with incredible stories of a life lived by bike.

28 September 2023


Some of our best films were formed outside Rapha walls, ideas brought to us from people and places beyond the reach of our own radius. Our goal has always been to tell authentic, inspiring stories that celebrate cycling with character. That’s why we launched the Rapha Film Fund, a programme designed to help support those with a captivating idea to bring their film to life on Rapha’s YouTube.


To celebrate the launch of Unspoken Road, the inaugural Rapha Film Fund recipient, we sat down with the filmmaker Chad Unger to discuss the film in more detail.

Summarise the film and what conversation you hope to start by highlighting this story

The film is about the lives and experiences of deaf cyclists. By sharing this story, I hope to encourage brands to create more opportunities for people with disabilities and BIPOC. It’s important to show that although we are often overlooked, we are still an important part of the community.

How did you find the process of capturing this story, what moments did you enjoy most? 

Capturing this story was amazing because everyone involved was deaf. This meant we didn't need a sign language interpreter, and we faced no communication barriers. The best part was the genuine connection and understanding we had as a team, being able to share our experiences easily.

What do you hope this achieves, for both yourself and the wider queer/deaf community

I hope this film brings more visibility to deaf individuals and gives them a platform to tell their stories. For myself, I want to help make society more inclusive. For the wider queer/deaf community, I hope it leads to more acceptance and opportunities, showing that our stories matter and deserve to be heard.

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