The Rapha Guide to Mountain Biking in Hot Weather

The Rapha Guide To Mountain Biking in Hot Weather

At the height of the summer, golden singletrack beckons. You may find your peak moments surfing the heatwaves of summer’s trails. Here’s our helpful guide to prepare you for the best that’s yet to come.

22 June 2022

In June 2022, we sent out two riders to field test our Fast + Light Collection in the merciless Southern California desert. To put the new gear through its paces, we selected Noble Canyon for its chaparral-lined technical climbs and a 2000-foot vertical descent that includes fast and flowy turns, hard-as-nails rock sections, a couple reinvigorating water crossings, tight switchbacks, and plenty of expansive views of the oak-studded valleys. Temps climbed past the 32°C mark, and there was little shade to find respite from the intense heat, but our intrepid duo – comprised of Teddy "Janker" Jaramillo and Rita Jett – were more than capable to keep their cool by leveraging the following tips from our guide.

As always, hydration is key – hot weather means sweat, so you’ll have to replenish your lost liquids. Bring an extra bottle or hydration pack, and don’t forget the drink mix (electrolytes are essential for making the most out of every drop). Packing a pre-frozen bottle is a pro move to cool down and savor those moments when you slow down, seek shade, and soak in the sights and sounds.

There are two key factors when selecting hot weather apparel: breathability and wicking. Breathable fabrics feel feather-light while being worn, and allow for airflow to keep you cool, especially during those grinding uphill battles. Moisture-wicking fabrics lift your body’s perspiration away from your skin and allows it to evaporate in the air, so you stay relatively dry even when you’re sweating buckets. In Noble Canyon, Janker and Rita opted for the Fast + Light collection – a new collection of featherweight products for high output riding in the hottest conditions.

Rising temps beg for all-day outings, so consider carrying water, snacks and tools. One oft-overlooked tool, the simple tire-plugging device, can be a lifesaver when the trails bite back. Make sure you pack one of these along with a large C02 with the rest of your essentials in a Trail Hip Pack, which keeps the load off of your back – and don’t forget to pack a frosty beverage and your favorite frozen treat for your mid-ride refreshment.


Consider these seasonal essentials to stay cool and comfortable when you’re finding flow on summertime trails.



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