Mondial Issue 006

Mondial 006

To celebrate the publication of Mondial 006, Rapha is hosting three events featuring contributors to the magazine.

17 November 2017


Alex Wade & Dr Kat Arney

— 06.12.17 —
Author and media lawyer Alex Wade will discuss the pleasures and potentially expensive pitfalls of instant publishing on social media. And Dr Kat Arney will delve into the latest research suggesting we’re too reliant on GPS navigation, and how firing up the brain’s very own satnav could have far greater benefits than we imagine.

Book At Rapha London Spitalfields

Robin Broadbent & Edward Albert

— 06.12.17 —
In an evening featuring two very different types of photography, issue 006 contributor Robin Broadbent – who boasts a list of clients including Rolex, Prada and Balenciaga – will discuss the art of commercial photography. And historian Edward Albert will explore the lives behind the pictures of the original cycling gangs of New York.

Book At Rapha New York

Azizul Awang

— 06.12.17 —
In 2011, Azizul Awang’s career was nearly ended by the 10-inch splinter that punctured his leg – and made him a viral sensation. Six years and one keirin world title later, Awang has his sights set on yet more glory. Ahead of the 120th Austral Wheel Race, join him to share tales of the track – and maybe a few predictions for the coming weekend’s action.

Book At Rapha Melbourne


Issue 006 offers our widest view of the road yet. As driverless cars make the leap from if to when, we look at one notable blind spot in the AV armoury: cyclists. Jenny Southan reports on the ubiquity of on-demand deliveries that have made Jakarta’s roads all but impassable, and Andrew Longmore considers the future of women’s cycling in the context of other sports that have implemented meaningful change. Paul Fournel offers a Europhile’s lament, while our stunning photo-essay from central Asia explores the origins of the Astana project. Bestselling author and commercial airline pilot Mark Vanhoenacker reflects on the wonders to be seen from the cockpit. Elsewhere, we examine how turning off the GPS might just help stave off dementia and media lawyer Alex Wade offers some sobering advice for tweet-happy trolls.