We’re back as official clothing partner to Grinduro in 2020. An exclusive collection meets Grinduro’s trademark mix of gravel racing and mountain bike enduro with new dates and new locations around the world. Somewhere between a gran fondo and a music festival, here are some of the most anticipated riding weekends on the calendar.

30 January 2020

The Format

Grinduro is a bike race ridden at a social pace. Riders take on an all-terrain loop – usually around 80km in length – that can include anything from muddy singletrack, to gravel fire roads and tarmac sections. Four timed segments on the route add a competitive element but overall timings are based on these segments alone so you’re free to ride between stages at a conversational pace.

But the event is not just a bike race. It’s a weekend-long celebration of cycling with as much emphasis on the post-ride party as the race itself, with excellent food, the world’s biggest bike brands, live music, camping and a festival atmosphere. Rapha will be on the ground at all six events in 2020 with our all-new collection of off-road apparel.



At each event we’ll have 50 tickets reserved for members of the Rapha Cycling Club. The Mobile Clubhouse will also be on hand, serving coffees and hosting rides for all attendees.

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The Venues

New year, new locations. In 2020, Grinduro mixes it up with two extra dates and new locations for a new total of six unique riding events.

The Kit


Coming soon

As official event clothing sponsor we’ll be creating a new, limited edition collection of off-road adventure apparel. Look for favourites from our tried and tested Explore range with a special twist that’ll see you through a full-on weekend of riding and relaxing.

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In just three years, Grinduro has become one of the most sought after riding events on the calendar. But don’t take our word for it – from lycra-clad cross racers to daredevil downhill mountain bikers, there is no shortage of riders with stories to tell.



1st Overall Grinduro California 2018 & Japan 2019

"I can’t get enough of Grinduro! I’ve ticked off Japan, Quebec, Scotland and California. While each location has its own unique qualities and courses, each Grinduro has the right party to race atmosphere that is inclusive yet competitive at the same time. There’s no other event that lets you race and chill all in one package deal. And the best part is spending the better part of the day riding side by side with your friends, then hitting the dance floor until the wee hours of the night.”