Riding is the answer

We believe cycling transforms lives and should be the most popular sport in the world.

07 June 2018
Our cities are chaotic.
Our roads are congested.
Our planet is polluted.
Our lives are busy.
Our minds are crowded.
Our days are full.
But we are made for adventure.
We are made to connect.
We are made to ask questions.

Rapha exists to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. For 15 years, we have been making the finest cycling clothing, as well as organising thousands of rides and events. The Rapha Cycling Club brings together cyclists of all abilities around the world, with more than 23 Clubhouses in 13 countries. We continue to work with the sport's best athletes, striving to perfect any adventure on the bike, from the shortest ride to the longest race. Wherever you are, we invite you to ride with us.

“It’s always a little bit of a struggle, and that’s where the beauty lies. Cycling is like you’re constantly breaking free, constantly just breaking away and I think that is why I do it. It’s so freeing and so beautiful, but it’s not easy.”
- Angus Morton
“I think it’s the reality check that I need. At the end of a weekend, most people say it’s time to get back to reality. But really that’s my reality, being on the bike.”
- Bianca Pettinicchi
"If I didn’t ride a bicycle, I’d be the loneliest guy in Los Angeles. It’s because of the bike I know my wife, I know all these guys and I’ve been all over the world. Without it, I don’t know what I’d be doing.”
- Cole Maness
“It connects people. Having a conversation with somebody who rides a bike is so easy. Strangers can become friends, anywhere in the world. That’s my favourite thing about cycling.”
- Duke Agyapong
“I ride because it is the perfect blend of being able to explore, to hang out with friends, to challenge myself physically and really push my limits.”
- Abby Watson

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